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  • Debt Collection

    November 7, 2016Debt Collection Abuse

    The NACA has put together this series of animated debt defense videos for consumers. Dealing with debt collectors Are you being illegally harassed? If you are having problems with debt collectors, watch this video to learn about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state laws.   I received notice of a lawsuit; what should I do? If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you to collect a debt, discover what to do next.   Defending yourself in a lawsuit If you want to learn how to represent yourself, hear about common defenses against debt ...

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  • Craft & Draft

    October 28, 2016Things We Love

    Why We Love Craft & Draft

    If you love great beer (and we do) you’ll love this place. A trip to their store on Devine Street in Columbia is no mere shopping excursion, but a journey to Beer Nirvana. Looking for something local? They’ve got that. Want something from Russia? They’ve got that too. The greatest thing about this place (besides their excellent and knowledgeable staff) are the 12 taps that rotate not only great beers from all around America and the world, but many from right here in S.C. Enjoy one at the in-store bar or out back in their very own “biergarten.” Thoroughly knowledgeable, totally ...

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  • Waiting for Trudeau

    Despite what my coffee mug says (and as many of you can confirm) I may not actually be the World’s Greatest Lawyer. Despite that, I’ve somehow managed to become president-elect of Richland County Bar. Thankfully, that doesn’t start until next year. My advance plea for your help in that endeavor is below. Meantime, since it would be wrong for one person to grasp the levers of both government and the press (however Stalinesquesly cool that sounds) we had to find a new Editor for this newsletter. Enter, my good friend Mike Polk. Those of you who know Mike already know what a great job ...

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