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Read our best-selling book: The Lean Law Firm!

April 27, 2018General News

Read our best-selling book: The Lean Law Firm!

With Larry Port, founder of Rocket Matter, Dave is the author of the first-ever graphic novel published by the American Bar Association (ABA). The Lean Law Firm, best-selling book at the 2018 ABA TechShow, shows lawyers how to apply the lean methodologies and systems thinking used by the world’s most efficient and profitable companies (Nike, Intel, and Toyota).

Far from a dry read, The Lean Law Firm follows the story of lawyer Carson Wright, who suddenly finds himself responsible for saving a small law firm, as his mentor Guy Chapman imparts the lean techniques that transformed his bicycle factory from the brink of bankruptcy to new heights of profitability.

As the story unfolds you’ll see how – like any business - a law firm is a system. You’ll get an immediately usable template for making that system lean, efficient, and profitable, and a renewed enthusiasm for running your firm.

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