Articles published in the Richland County Bar Association's Richbar News.

  • Worrying

    November 20, 2012Richbar News Articles

    Do you have any recurring dreams?  I have one and it’s actually more of a nightmare.   It’s my  3rd Year at USC Law School.  It’s the last day of the last semester when I discover that I’ve forgotten to go to the required math class (I know — no math in law school, stay with me).  This class has met every day.  Now it’s time for the final exam on “Advanced Algetrigacalculculogicas.” Fail it, and I don’t graduate.  The professor stalks around the room handing out test booklets the thickness of the Dallas phone book.  I look at mine.  It appears to be comprised of char ...

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  • Seven Things I Learned from Gene Trotter

    November 19, 2012Richbar News Articles

    Unless you just started practicing in the post-Lady Gaga era, you likely know my partner, Gene Trotter.  I still remember the day that Gene interviewed me.  It was 1995 and the highlight of  my resume was “graduated in top 65% of class.”   But he hired me anyway.  Besides being lucky enough to have great parents and finding the right girl to marry, getting hired by Gene was the biggest break I’ve ever caught. In the last 17 years, I’ve learned more from Gene about being a lawyer -- and life in general -- than I could possibly put into words. Nevertheless, in an effort to honor ...

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  • SCDOR Data Breach

    Saturday mornings as a kid in the 70’s were the best. I’d wake up early, pour myself a giant bowl of Count Chocula and sit down in front of the TV to watch Super Friends. In case you missed it, Super Friends was a cartoon about a team of superheroes (Batman, Superman, etc.) who banded together to fight evil as The Justice League. An oft-repeated scenario was this one: Super Villain X captures Aquaman. He then pretends to be Aquaman in order to wreak havoc and maybe learn the Justice League’s secret handshake. Just when you think all is lost, the real Aquaman escapes to confront fake A ...

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