Articles published in the Richland County Bar Association's Richbar News.

  • Waiting for Trudeau

    Despite what my coffee mug says (and as many of you can confirm) I may not actually be the World’s Greatest Lawyer. Despite that, I’ve somehow managed to become president-elect of Richland County Bar. Thankfully, that doesn’t start until next year. My advance plea for your help in that endeavor is below. Meantime, since it would be wrong for one person to grasp the levers of both government and the press (however Stalinesquesly cool that sounds) we had to find a new Editor for this newsletter. Enter, my good friend Mike Polk. Those of you who know Mike already know what a great job ...

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  • H 4702 General Bill, By Rep. Mike Pitts (R) Laurens

    March 22, 2016Richbar News Articles

    “I don’t see,” purred Dr. Goebbels, “why you should have the slightest difficulty in adjusting the trend of what you write to the interests of the State...What is the use therefore of editorial skepticism? It only makes people uneasy.” But, just to make sure, the new Nazi government enacted measures imposing the death penalty on those who published “treasonable articles.” Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, Nazi Party, introducing the National Press Law to journalists in 1933 as depicted in The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. H 4702 General Bill, By Rep. Mik ...

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  • Through Being Cool

    January 27, 2016Richbar News Articles

    There comes a time in every man’s life when you figure out how cool you no longer are. For me, it finally happened three weeks ago. More in a moment on that; but first, a bit of background. I’m 47 so, as a realist, I should have seen this coming for a while. The writing was certainly on the wall. I know because my two teen boys and pop-culture hyperaware 11-year girl keep reading that wall aloud to me as we ride in the car listening to the radio: Me: “Who is this guy that keeps yelling in the middle of everyone else’s songs?” Them: “Dad. Seriously. That’s Pit Bull.” Me: “P ...

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