Articles published in the Richland County Bar Association's Richbar News.

  • The Way We Debate.

    September 28, 2014Richbar News Articles

    Q: “What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?" A:  “Recent research has shown the empirical evidence for globalization of corporate innovation is very limited. And as a corollary, the market for technologies is shrinking.  As a world leader, it is important for America to provide systematic research grants for our scientists. I believe there will always be a need for us to have a well-articulated innovation policy with emphasis on human resource development. Thank you.”   (To audience): “Now THAT’s the way you debate! ...

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  • Unsustainable

    August 9, 2014Richbar News Articles

    Back when I was a law student, I got a lot of advice from older lawyers.  Some of it I even asked for.  But some not.  Like the time I enrolled in USC’s mentoring program. I was  assigned an older lawyer from a big firm in Columbia (which no longer exists).  My first official act as Mentoree was to miss my appointment with my Mentor.  Three days later, I received my first “Nasty Lawyer Letter” in which I was informed how my massive breach in etiquette reflected my basic lack of worth as a person (and even lower value as a prospective member of the Bar).  Somehow it took three pag ...

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  • Fear of the Beast

    March 19, 2014Richbar News Articles

    “Being the parent of a young teenage son is not easy, but you can do it” my right brain says.  Meanwhile, my left brain is calculating the cost of military boarding schools in French Guiana.    But whenever I get ready to throw in the parenting towel, I’m reminded of some of the benefits of being a father to a teenage boy.  Like having someone to help move heavy furniture.  Or having someone who wants to go with me see “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” and not complain that it’s juvenile (when that — and the fact that Nicholas Sparks didn’t write it — is the entire point). ...

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