• Home Improvements Contracts

    August 22, 2012Consumer Protection

    One of actor Tom Hanks' more forgettable roles was as a beleaguered homeowner in The Money Pit. Hanks and his wife, played by Shelley Long, move into a "fixer upper" house with plans to renovate it. At one point, water is streaming out of the house in the background. A plumber hands Hanks a huge bill, declares that he is late for his daily golf game, jumps into his Corvette and disappears. While the scene is funny, there may be an eerie familiarity to it if you own a home. And chances are, the scenario is also familiar to some of your clients who are homeowners. Few of them ...

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  • Everyday ERISA

    July 22, 2012Consumer Protection

    It was the winter of 1963 in South Bend, IN, when the last Studebaker automobile built in America rolled down the assembly line. The company, which had begun as horse-drawn wagon maker 111 years before and had survived two world wars and the stock market crash, was effectively wiped out. On the heels of the plant's closure, Studebaker terminated its retirement plan for hourly workers. In his article The Most Glorious Story of Failure in Business: The Studebaker-Packard Corporation and the Origins of ERISA, 49 Buffalo Law Review 683 (2001), Professor James A. Wooten writes th ...

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