• How Arbitration Screws Customers

    On Thursday December 12, 2013 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will hold a field hearing on Forced Arbitration Clauses, which have been called “Corporate America’s Most Successful Dirty Secret.”As many of you know, Arbitration Clauses are now found buried in the fine print of almost EVERY consumer contract you sign — cell phones, insurance, credit cards, vehicle purchases, etc. When you sign such a contract, Courts now find you have “agreed” to whatever it contains — including giving up the rights given you under state and federal consumer protection laws. That means you ...

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  • Can a data breach hurt me years later?

    May 12, 2013Consumer Protection

    Yes.  In fact, it's far more likely to hurt you then. I've written about the 2012 SC Department of Revenue Breach (in which 3.8 million social security numbers, among other things, were stolen from DOR) and you've heard all about it. Think the worst is over? Think again.  Here are some scary facts: 1) Data Breach victims are 4x more likely to become identity theft victims (ie., to have their names and ID's not merely stolen, but USED to actually DO SOMETHING BAD, ranging from fraudulent accounts to terrorism). 2) Studies from javelinstrategy.com show that, after committing the data ...

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  • Freedom from Choice

    Have you heard the big news? Hasbro, the maker of the Monopoly board game, is getting rid of one of the game’s eight playing pieces. In case you haven’t played for a while, the current pieces are (in order of lamest to coolest) : thimble, iron, wheelbarrow, boot, tophat, dog, battleship and racecar. We, the public, get to decide which piece gets the axe. Obviously, the racecar is totally safe. Everyone loves it. It has wheels - which makes sense in a game that goes in a circuit - and it looks awesome. The battleship is formidable. The tophat is dapper. The boot kind of looks like the ra ...

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